We provide strategic advisory, corporate finance, and merchant banking services for companies of all sizes (including early stage companies – see K2S Seed) across a technology spectrum from energy to education. We advise and assist companies from the UK, USA, the EU and Asia.

Our extended team includes experts in investment banking, international business and development, tax and accounting, technology innovation policy, IP commercialization, education, real-estate, film and television, fund management, health, and data centres.

Our focus is on companies likely to benefit from some of the key trends driving the global economy – what The Economist and others have tagged the ‘Third Industrial Revolution’. In this the digital age, with 6 billion devices already networked, we are at the beginning of a “smart” world. But compared to the “smart city” and fully connected built environment that is around the corner, with trillions of networked devices, and the explosive growth and proliferation of data that arise, we believe that a fundamental technology transformation has only just begun.

The key to what is happening is in the software and applications (and not the hardware), and in the data they allow us to collect and manage. Because data lead to the possibility of knowledge, which in turn leads to the possibility of control over, and improvement and optimization of, our environment.

This revolution enables us to do more with less, to catalyze economic sustainability, leading to greater environmental sustainability. These capabilities are truly transformational.

The areas where we can assist companies are in tech, telecoms, smart cities, education, alternative energy, infrastructure, health, and life sciences / biotech / genomics.

Our approach is driven by our own direct, hands-on experience of building and operating businesses in finance, technology, education, telecommunications and software. We also work with a wide range of industry-leading partners, including some of the world’s leading practitioners in technology, design, engineering, policy and finance.

We can help you identify the relevant connections, finance them, optimize them, and succeed, whether you are in the public or private sphere, looking to raise finance, seeking strategic advice, or help with new business creation, or technology deployment and monetization.

We have offices and partners in London; Geneva; New York; Chicago; and Seattle.


K2S’s extended team comprises experts in investment banking, international business and development, telecommunications, tax and accounting, technology innovation policy, IP commercialization, education, real-estate, film and television, fund management, health, and data centres.













K2S’s extended team comprises experts in investment banking, international business and development, telecommunications, tax and accounting, technology innovation policy, IP commercialization, education, real-estate, film and television, fund management, health, and data centres.

Michael KeaneSenior Partner
Michael is a founding Senior Partner of K2S Advisors. He has over 32 years of business experience, including over 18 years as an investment banker at Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Michael was responsible for a wide range of transactions in the technology and telecoms industries including the creation, financing and IPO of the world’s first Virtual Private Network business, Equant NV. He subsequently founded and financed the first global native IP (Internet Protocol) telecoms company, raising $100 million of financing and leading its successful global roll-out, before going on to found and lead an enterprise software company. Following the sale of that business he co-founded K2S Advisors to offer merchant banking and strategic services to technology companies. He has MA (Hons) in Modern & Medieval Languages from the University of Cambridge. Partner, Future Technology Partners LLP.
Ian GovierAdvisor
Ian is Managing Director of Certius Professional Services Limited. Ian has over 30 years’ experience in the provision of strategic tax and business advice to both listed and owner managed businesses. A former International Tax Partner with KPMG and Partner in Grant Thornton UK LLP, he was also global head of tax for Amersham International plc and European Tax Director for PepsiCo International/Yum Brands International. A scientist by background, Ian has highly developed specialist skills in business and tax planning for both UK and cross border transactions, structuring and profit repatriation. Ian has in-depth knowledge and experience of the use UK Patent Box tax regime. Ian holds a BSc (Hons) from the University of London, is a Chartered Tax advisor, member of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. He is a non-executive director of Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman and trustee of Hope Housing Training and Support Ltd. Partner, Future Technology Partners LLP.
Marilynn DavisPartner
Marilynn is an advisor to companies that seek to adopt innovative technology and life- style solutions in large urban regeneration projects and in new city development. She builds upon a 30-year career that has placed her in a range of senior leadership and operational positions with significant roles in international, entrepreneurial and creative businesses as well as in large public sector organizations. Marilynn has also served as Assistant Secretary for Administration at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Leveraging her wide-ranging portfolio, including managing over 1500 employees and contractors in 81 offices across the United States and a departmental operating budget of $1 billion, she contributed to major productivity advances during a key Presidential initiative of “Reinventing Government”. Marilynn has an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.
Ian MarlowAdvisor
Ian is a widely recognized leader in real estate, technology and the development of smart cities. He advised Gale International and New Songdo International City (Incheon, South Korea) on the design, development and strategic oversight of the technology designs needed to service and manage Songdo, the largest private real estate development project in development in the world ($35 billion/100M Sq. Ft.). Ian has also been responsible for managing over 130M Sq. Ft. around the world, including over 40M Sq. Ft. in Manhattan, NY representing 10% of the Manhattan commercial office market. His global clients have included AT&T, GlaxoSmithkline, Verizon, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Panasonic North America and Avaya. Information Week named Ian one of the leading 250 Innovators in the United States, and the New York Post named Ian one of New York’s top Commercial Real Estate and Technology leaders.
Ben FerrariAdvisor
Ben is the Director of Partnerships for the Climate Group. A former Managing Director of Imprimatur Capital and a leader in IP commercialisation and technology investment activity for more than twenty years, he has been involved in creating high value portfolios of companies with technology sourced from the UK, Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, Singapore and other territories. He supported early stage investments in several companies that are now listed, such as www.Revolymer.com, and SETSquared (which is an award winning investment readiness programme that he helped to establish, which has run for 10 years, supported over 1,000 companies and has assisted in raising over £1bn of investment). Ben is an experienced board director who has raised capital to support various early stage investment funds. Ben currently serves on the investment committee of the Imprimatur Capital Baltics Technology Fund. Ben has a doctorate from St Andrews University.
Tony BishopAdvisor
Tony Bishop is well-known in the industry for his innovative and successful approach to data center optimization over a career spanning over 20 years. He is author of Next Generation Datacenters – Driving Extreme Efficiency and Effective Cost Saving (Elsevier, 2009) and former Managing Director, Global Head of Datacenter Operations & Strategy for Morgan Stanley. As SVP and Chief Architect of Wachovia’s Corporate Investment Banking Technology Group, Tony led the team which designed, built, and implemented a leading-edge service-oriented architecture and utility computing infrastructure. The team was awarded Network World’s “Enterprise All-Star Award” for successfully consolidating infrastructure and applying “green” computing strategies to achieve a project ROI of 300%. Named Computerworld’s Top 100 IT Leaders, Bishop was also the Founder of Adaptivity awarded Gartner’s Cool Tech Vendor in Cloud Infrastructure.
Theo HubbardAdvisor
Theo trained as a surveyor with Savills after graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1982. After an active career at Savills, during which he was involved in many large international developments, he was for a number of years Finance Director of Mountcity Group, in particular developing their extensive portfolio of data centres in the UK. In 2008, he formed his own advisory business, Roc Asset Management, where he continues to develop data centre opportunities, amongst many others. He holds an MA (Hons) in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge.


All too frequently, we meet companies that have followed uncertain paths that have caused them to waste time and money and as a result fail or become effectively un-investable without massive corporate re-engineering.


We work with early stage ventures to ensure that they avoid many of the pitfalls typical of early-stage business building.

K2S Seed specialises in assisting very young companies, pre-revenue companies, and entrepreneurs (and in some cases pre-incorporated structures) with a range of specialised services.

During these early phases, new ventures are often constrained by a range of challenges.

  • limited funds to pay for key expertise
  • limited fund-raising strategy/experience
  • uncertainties over R&D, commercialisation, Patent Box opportunities, branding, communication, and other key priorities
  • Lack of familiarity with tax planning and the most tax-efficient incorporation strategies
  • Inadequate experience at producing corporate documentation, business plans, financial modelling and governance structures
  • Limited knowledge of the national and regional grant opportunities, funds and other “soft” incentives
  • limited connectivity and networking

The K2S team has extensive in-house experience that can be applied to fill these gaps and add significant value to early-stage venture.

We can explore flexible remuneration models with early stage companies.



  • Strategic review and advice
  • Structuring review and advice
  • Assistance with preparation of business planning documentation
  • Developing financial and revenue models
  • Fund raising and introductions


  • Business Model review
  • Product and service review
  • Sales and marketing review
  • Communications support
  • GTM support where required including introductions and review
  • Introduction to competitive rate accountancy and business services
  • SEIS/EIS application and processing


K2S’s extended team comprises experts in investment banking, international business and development, telecommunications, tax and accounting, technology innovation policy, IP commercialization, education, real-estate, film and television, fund management, health, and data centres.

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K2S’s extended team comprises experts in international business and development, tax and accounting, technology innovation policy, IP commercialization, investment banking, education,  real-estate, film and television, fund management, health, and data centres.

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